Why we care about waste!

Verandi´s mission is to protect the environment for a better future. We care about mother earth and we strive to work with the nature instead of against it. That’s why our main mission is to reuse high quality raw materials that are normally wasted. Coffee is a valuable resource that travels thousands of miles to Iceland and then ends up in a landfill after only one brewing. So instead of wasting it we use it in our products as the coffee ground still contains 92% of its qualities after one brewing.

Waste is a problem everywhere in the world and especially with us who have more than enough. But we have the power to change it. The first step is to clean up from within, taking small steps towards changing consumer behaviour and become aware and informed consumers.

Most of us are aware of the environmental changes that are taking place here on Earth. We see the warning signs everywhere, endangered species, ocean acidification, global warming and melting glaciers. If we do not face these problems, future generations could be at risk. We can all make a contribution and participate in creating a better world. This is a challenge that is creative and exciting and we feel is very important.

The Earth has a problem which means we have a problem. We have abused the Earth to a level that it can’t take anymore. The Earth serves humanity with devotion but her health has never been this frail. We need to nurture her and the way to do so is to change our behaviour. We can make a difference, but we need to be aware and informed. Let the future generations also to enjoy Christmas in the future.

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