The Story

It all started over a cup of coffee!

We met at our favorite café on a grey and rainy day in Reykjavik. Like million times before we were having our daily morning coffee. We discovered that this small café discarded huge amount of coffee ground every day.  We started to discuss and found out that they discard 5 kilos of used coffee ground each day that is all headed for landfill. What a sad fact. 

The scale of the problem with this waste got us thinking what could be done with all this surplus coffee ground that is still bursting with good ingredients. Surely there was a way of creating a fresh, first-class product using excess products.

Only a few months earlier Rakel had founded Vakandi, an organization that fights food waste and she was constantly thinking about ideas on how to minimize food waste. At this moment, we knew that we wanted to do something.

We started the experimentation in our own bathrooms and not until long we found the perfect mix. This was something we had to share with the world.

Now, few years later we have been through a long research period and have developed beautiful products that we are ready to share with the world.  

All Verandi´s products are completely harmless for the environment and contain only state of the art raw materials that are perfect for your skin – and the planet. 

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