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Born out of a passion to protect the environment – Verandi recycled high quality raw materials that would otherwise be wasted.


VERANDI is an Icelandic producer of high-quality hair and body products made from recycled materials from the Icelandic food industry and agriculture and other natural environmental friendly materials.

VERANDI´S mission is to protect the environment for a better future. We care about mother earth and we strive to work with the nature instead of against it. That’s why our main mission is to reuse high quality raw materials that are normally wasted.

VERANDI uses perfectly good and amazing ingredients such as cucumbers, coffee, beer and barley – which also does wonders for the skin and hair. The recycled ingredients play the main role in each product and are complemented with other environmental friendly ingredients to make the best product for your skin and hair. VERANDI wants to move from the linear economy of “take, make, consume and dispose” to an circular economy of “reusing, repairing, refurbishing and recycling” resources.






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