Micro beads

Not many know that many body scrubs and other body products on the market today are filled with chemicals that are extremely harmful for the skin. These materials are not only very bad for the skin or the human health but are also extremely harmful to the environment. One of the worst is called micro beads, which are very tiny plastic particles that create the rugged texture.

As the name suggests micro beads are extremely small and are insoluble in water. Their small size makes it impossible to separate them before they end up in the sea. It is thought that about 300 tons of micro beads are carried into the sea every year. Plankton and worms then consume them or they settle on algae, which are then eaten by birds and fish. Thus, the plastic ends up on our plates. The US has passed a legislation prohibiting companies to use micro beads beginning in 2017 and the UK has announced plans to ban micro beads used in cosmetics and cleaning products by the same year.


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